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Capacity Building Initiatives on Climate Change Adaptation & CDM Training
As of November 2009, 1,860 projects in 58 countries were registered with the CDM, with another 400 in the pipeline. African countries are seen as some of the most promising countries for CDM projects with 122 registered projects in 2010, compared with 42 in 2007.

EcoXchange's main vision is to develop local capacity in order to rapidly increase the number of CDM projects in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. By building capacity our experienced team of consultants offer in-depth CDM training to different sectors such as the Media, Telecoms, Banks – Financial Institutions and Oil companies.

Climate Change & CDM Advisory Services
We identified a need for a more hands – on approach with our clients, and thereby introduced our advisory services through a retainer system, which includes climate change adaptation & mitigation strategies, CDM training and representing and assisting the client on all CDM & Climate Change related matters at the discretion of the client. As well as acting on their behalf when it comes to the intricate details of the project.

At the moment, we offer such services to the Designated National Authority (SCCU) on a case by case basis as their registered CDM consultants, 2 Nigerian Banks and an IOC.

CDM Project Development
EcoXchange works with its foreign group of partners in providing the whole lifecycle of CDM project development services to CER buyers and developers, ranging from:
  • Identifying potential CDM projects
  • Preparing the Project Idea Notes (PIN)
  • Developing the Project Design Document (PDD), new methodology if necessary, and other CDM project related documents
  • Obtaining Letter of No Objection (LoNO) or/and Letter of Approval (LoA) from the Host Country DNA
  • Obtaining Annex 1 Approval
  • Coordinating with DOE for validation
  • Assisting registration procedure
Emission Reductions Realization
  • Supporting the project owner to develop Monitoring Strategy & Report
  • Provision of systems for Continuous monitoring to ensure targeted emissions reductions are met to avoid project under-performance risks
  • Coordinating with DOE for verification/certification in order to secure the generation of CERs
  • Facilitating Emission Reduction transactions and payment issuance
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