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News & Events
Jun 16th, 2013
EcoXchange trains Nexim Bank on Climate Finance & Energy
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Jun 5th, 2013
Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) and NGO and EcoXchange Limited partnered on World Environment Day at the Muson Center, Onikan.
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Nov 21st - 22nd 2011 Federal Ministry of Environment Renewable Energy Unit 2nd Nigerian Renewable Energy Day Abuja, Nigeria: Hired to speak and facilitate a session for financial stakeholders and International delegates on the "Financial Analysis of CDM Projects and Due Diligence of Carbon Finance Deals and Integration of Carbon Finance into Mainstream Investment, Lending and Risk Mitigation".
Nov 16th - 18th 2011 Federal Ministry of Environment Special Climate Change Unit Preparatory Workshops Towards UNFCCC COP17 Durban, Abuja, Nigeria: Participated in the 3 day workshop to finalise National Policy on Climate Change for Nigeria, Finalisation of the Second National Communications and the National Adaptation Strategy.  
Nov 15th - 15th 2011 UNDP GEF ENERGY EFFICIENCY 5 YEAR PILOT PROJECT Abuja, Nigeria: Hired as a training consultant to instruct relevant disciplines for the next 5 years on energy efficiency. The first line of discipline was the Hotel Owners Forum Association (HOFA) on energy efficiency and awareness program.
Nov 10th - 11th 2011 UNEP Risoe, Federal Ministry of Environment & UNDP Stakeholders Workshop on Enhancing Capacity for CDM Implementation in Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria: Facilitated in this workshop to enhance awareness and capacity for Nigeria's increased participation in the global carbon market under the Kyoto Protocol's CDM for Civil society, and Government parastatalls.
Oct 31st - 3rd Nov 2011

NESREA 5th National Stakeholders Forum on the New Mechanism for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Facilitated a full day's session at the 3 day Forum on "Environmental Governance: Transformation in Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement".

Sep 9th - 9th 2011 UNEP ACAD/Standard Bank Finance Workshop Lagos, Nigeria: Hired to present & train Financial Institutions from Nigeria on key legal issues involved in carbon finance projects.
Sep 8th - 8th 2011 Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) Nigerian Sustainability Finance, Lagos, Nigeria: Presented a paper on "Clean Development Mechanism- Opportunities & Benefits".
Jun 22nd - 22nd 2011 Heinrich Boll Stifung Foundation Climate Finance Workshop, Abuja Nigeria: One day workshop organised to disseminate information from the UNFCCC meeting  on the disbursement of the Green Fund set up for developing countries.
Jun 21st - 21st 2011

Federal Ministry of Environment, BNRCC, NEST & Heinrich Boll Stifung National Adaptation Strategy & Plan of Action (NASPA) Workshop: Actively participated in reviewing and perfecting the National policy document on adaptation to Climate Change for Nigeria working in focus groups.

May 18th -20th 2011 UNREDD/UNDP Participatory Governance Assessments (PGAs) for REDD+ Lagos  Nigeria, Brainstorming Workshop: Ably contributed for the 3 day workshop to the legal developments as a committee member of the UNREDD PGA group with the UNDP team from Senegal.
May 12th- 12th 2011             UNDP/GEF Energy Efficiency Inception Workshop Abuja Nigeria:The aim of this is to begin a 4 component phase for the next 4 years with the help of those in attendance in promoting energy efficiency in residential and public sector in Nigeria
Feb 21st- 22nd 2011 UNDP National REDD Validation Workshop Abuja Nigeria: Contributed to the full day exercise with the Cross River State Government in developing a readiness programme for environmental financing instrument for the Federal Government and the Country as a whole.
Jan 24th -27th 2011

Carbon Markets & Climate Finance Green Power Conferences Johannesburg, South Africa: Ably moderated the key sessions at the 3 day conference and presented a paper on the "Perspectives from Nigeria on the Carbon Market and Regulatory Market Needs"

Nov 29th - 13th Dec 2010 UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) 16 Kyoto Protocol Climate Change negotiations Cancun, Mexico: EcoXchange represented Nigeria as a National Negotiator on Informal issues relating to CDM CMP6 at the Cancun deliberations.
Nov 8th - 9th 2010 UNDP, Federal Ministry of Environment Special Climate Change Unit Abuja, Nigeria Training Session for the Nigerian Negotiators towards COP 16 Cancun Mexico: As part of the negotiators for the Nigerian delegation to the Kyoto Protocol's Climate Change deliberations, a 2 day training session was organised in which we actively participated to streamline and strategise Nigeria's position at the COP 16 meeting from Nov 29- Dec 10 2010.
Nov 3rd – 5th 2010 UNEP, ACAD, & Standard Bank African Carbon Finance and Investment Forum Johannesburg South Africa: Participated and pitched viable projects to interested financiers
Oct 26th – 27th 2010 UNDP, Japanese Government & UNICEF, African Adaptation Programme Inception Workshop Abuja, Nigeria: Worked within a group to develop a working document and framework on what the AAP would cover for the whole of Nigeria.
Oct 14th – 15th 2010 (PPPRA) The Presidency Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency Bio-fuel Development Policy Abuja Nigeria: Technical sub-committee member to address and reform the existing bio-fuel legislation
Sep 27th – 30th 2010 UNEP, African Regional Workshop on CDM: Legal + Financial Issues Nairobi, Kenya: Trained African Lawyers on Legal issues relating to CDM project development.
Sep 21st – 23rd 2010 SGF Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria Economic affairs Bio-fuel Committee, Abuja Nigeria: Hired to sit on working committee to revise the existing bio-fuel policy for Nigeria.
Aug 25th – Sep 16th UNIDO, African Entrepreneurship Renewable Energy Programme Bangor Wales UK: Worked and trained in-depth with 15 Welsh renewable energy companies for three weeks on all types of renewable energy.
Aug 5th – 5th 2010 UNDP, Nurses Across the Border Climate Change Campaign: Nurses as Advocates: Facilitated the event as Guest speaker on Climate Change effects on Nigeria and opportunities available through CDM
Jul 31st – 31st 2010 Green Action A shift in Attitude: Facilitated the event as guest speaker on Climate Change in Nigeria + Clean Development Mechanism
Jul 21st – 21st 2010 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): In conjunction with the Special Climate Change Unit Federal Ministry of Environment, Gender and Climate Change: Post Copenhagen Strategy Workshop
Jun 15th – 16th 2010 World Bank Low Carbon Development in the Nigerian Power Sector, Abuja: 2 day stakeholder workshop with the World Bank and its consultants on capacity building needs and drawing on case studies from neighbouring countries.
Jun 2nd – 5th 2010 World Environment Day 2010 “Many Species, One Planet One Future”: Participated in the Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja Exhibition and 3 day Seminar.
Mar 25 - 26th 2010 International Bar Association (IBA) African Regional Forum Conference Cape Town : Presented a paper on “Climate Change: Africa’s Challenge and its Response”.
Mar 17th – 18th 2010 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Stocktaking Meeting on the Second National Communication on Climate Change to UNFCCC: 2 day stakeholder workshop to fine tune the 2nd national Communication to UNFCCC
Mar 2nd - 5th 2010 United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR) African Carbon Forum Nairobi: EcoXchange staff were present and participated on all the sessions relating to Climate Change and CDM potential in Africa.
Sep 7-10th 2009 United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) Addis Ababa: Participated, presented and represented Nigeria on legal aspects at the CDM Legal and Financial Issues Workshop for all African Countries.
Jul 6-9th 2009 Africa Energy Week Cape Town, South Africa: Presented a paper on “Carbon Mitigation: Challenges & Opportunities for Africa- Focus on Nigeria”

April - Dec 2009 British Council “Climate Change & U” Radio Programme: Guest starred on the call in radio show for Eight months as Climate change & CDM expert
May 4th 2009 Centre of Excellence Annual Media Program (CAMP) Abuja, Nigeria: Presented a paper on: “Climate Change & CDMS Opportunities Available in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole”.
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